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Dark Bronze Metal

About The Coven

A small and friendly Agile Consulting business, dedicated to helping up-and-coming online brands to scale their digital presence and business operations.

Much like our predecessors in medieval alchemy, we too are in constant search for value, not gold, but business value. And much like our predecessors, we also employ a rigorous scientific method of exploration and experimentation, hoping to uncover new ways to find value where there seemingly is none. The goal isn't to turn everything to gold, we're far more interested in finding new methods of improvement and opening new horizons. 

In contrast to our predecessors, however, we are eager to share our recipes and solutions. Our knowledge and expertise on business agility help add value; not only monetary, but composite value – covering the people involved, company’s impact, and sustainability of the business. The goal is to help our partners achieve self-sufficiency and self-improvement, and be advocates of business agility themselves.

We have an open-minded and methodical, scientific approach to life and business. In alchemy we ascribe importance not only to final results, but, more importantly, to the process of achieving them – the journey itself is what matters, not just the destination. That is why we place special emphasis on willingness to question things, on experimenting, and an overall progressive outlook. Alchemy of business agility is a transmutation of culture and values, organizational practices, and digital processes of a company, in order to distil their true value and reinforce its resilience, ultimately ensuring health, sustainability, and longevity.

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Dark Bronze Metal

About the Owner

Valentina Zanetti - Agile Alchemist

Valentina Zanetti

Agile Alchemist

Valentina’s journey down the alchemist’s road began eight years ago, when she fell in love with all things digital. In a short time she started managing her first digital projects, and for the past seven years she has been exploring all things agile in detail. Through learning and hard experience, she has improved her skills considerably, and is continually growing. Creative thinking, inexhaustible energy, and a dose of artistic touch in everything they do are necessary qualities of a successful alchemist, and Valentina possesses them all. A misfit and risk-taker, she is curious about the world, always wanting to learn more. An agile mind makes for an opinionated person, one that never settles, and isn’t afraid to rock the boat when needs be. In 2022 her search for new roads and horizons led her to start her own Coven of alchemists, perfecting her unique craft of agile alchemy.

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